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An intelligent IP-address scanner with SNMP, Wake on LAN, Port scanning and Intrusion Prevention.

The RzK AddressWizard identifies available stations on the network. It shows IP- and corresponding MAC-addresses as well as station names and NetBios data (name, group and user). It will inform you about double IP-addresses, changed MAC-addresses or station names and unknown IP-addresses .

Alarm messages can be forwarded via Email or an external program (option). You can define up to 15 address ranges which will be scanned periodically. Between these active scans the AddressWizard can listen (passive mode) and detect addresses not in the defined ranges, even if they belong to different VLAN´s.

Main screen - address list

Stations found on the network are identified by asking a DNS-Server and/or NetBios requests. They can automatically be asked for SNMP information like “Location”, “SysUpTime” and so on (optional).

All this information is written to address lists, which can be saved as ASCII , Excel-, XML -files or web pages and published by a web server. Additionally the Address Wizard can "wake up" remote  stations by sending Wake on LAN (WOL) packets (optional).

The Address Wizard can permanentely supervise the accessibility of found stations, through rescanning the network after a definable time. Between the active searches, the network can be passively scanned to detect "wrong" stations. So a permanent address control is guaranteed.

Additionally  the Address Wizard has an integrated port scanner to show open TCP-ports. This can be used for permanent port scans to detect a failure of a service as well.

Optionally the program may even be used for intrusion prevention. This is realised by blocking all ARPs from or to foreign  stations.

Right mouse click menu allows port scans, ping tests, direct opening of web browser, telnet and ftp clients, ripe whois, MSINFO32 as well as WakeOn Lan (option required).

Permanent ping tests to the selected address can give you reasonable information about the accessibility of the device.

Optional Modules:

Address Wizard versions to fit your needs:

Address Wizard Version: "Lite" "Standard" "Large" "Campus"
Max. number of
monitorable addresses:
50 250 1000 5000

(Larger versions are available on request)

Address Wizard