RzK Network Supervision
Monitoring, Management,Loss Detection, Quality Assurance and Traffic Accounting
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Network Supervision - Security - Quality - Monitoring - Recording

Only if you know exactly what is going on in your network you can prevent yourself from wasting time and money. RzK has developed five products for network analysing and supervision. All products are user friendly applications for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003Server. All programs store data and results in well linked HTML web pages. You can view them with any browser.

Address Wizard
RzK´s Address Wizard is a IP address scanner for identifying all active stations in your network. This is done by active polling and passive listening to the network traffic. It shows all  IP- and corresponding MAC-addresses as well as DNS name server entries and NetBios information (station name, group and user). It reports double IP-addresses, changed MAC-addresses or station names and unknown IP- or MAC- addresses (intruder alarming). You can save the actual address list manually or automatically as text-, HTML-, XML-, or Excel files.

Optionally the Address Wizard can show information of SNMP capable devices, find open TCP-ports (integrated port scanner), remotely wake up other computers via Wake on LAN (WOL), send alarm messages via email and protect your LAN by ARP blocking (intrusion prevention).

NetControl permanently analyses the traffic of your Network (LAN) and records and reports all important parameters, the traffic matrix and all sorts of hit lists. NetControl not only can analyze the network segment it is connected to, it can also get its data from up to 350 remote NetControl or NetFlow probes.

With this information base you are capable to react quickly to sudden network problems. The shown traffic matrix lets you determine the access of the network stations to and from external servers. With the optional accounting module you can sum up the data per client and produce your own billing files of the network usage.

RzKFlow is an easy to use software to collect and present NetFlow records sent from switches or routers.

RzKFlow automatically aggregates the received records for a user defined interval of time and additionally for each day. The resulting communication matrixes can be viewed and/or stored in web pages and csv files or may be exported to a SQL database.

You can see how many frames and how many bytes are exchanged between the stations (IP addresses), the IP networks and the router ports.

NetQuality VoIP
Before reaping the benefits that VoIP has to offer, a corporate must be certain that its intranet/VPN has sufficient bandwith to deliver high-quality voice calls without adversely affecting existing data services. They need to know in advance how many calls their current network can safely support.

NetQuality is a network performance-verification and diagnostic tool, which conducts various active measurements. It facilitates realistic testing and judging of network connections (layers 1 and 2) as well as TCP/IP connection tests (layer 3).

NetReport reports what is happening in your network without human intervention. It scans your network components via passive sniffing or actively. It then builds lists of available elements on your network and permanently requests port statistics from all found devices including switches, routers and other SNMP agents. All info is written into web pages which can easily be published. The port based data (load, collision and error rate, packet- broadcast- and multicast-traffic) is collected and stored in daily lists and graphics. The data can be used for port based billing and accounting.