RzK Network Supervision
Monitoring, Management,Loss Detection, Quality Assurance and Traffic Accounting
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NetControl for Windows

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NetControl permanently monitors and analyses thenetwork (LAN) traffic and records the relevant parameters. Thispermanent supervision of the network enables you to react very quicklyto upcoming problems. You can also determine and record the access toand from external stations:

  • who (IP-addresses) uses your intranet
  • with which IP service
  • how much load was created
  • which stations or servers were accessed

NetControl writes its data in HTML-files, you can view the information about your network with any web browser.

With the optional Accounting module NetControl can sum up the data of single users over any period of time and produce customer specific web pages.

  • Saving and supervision of all network-relevant parameters like load, errors ...
  • Building hitlists (Top Ten or Top 100) of themost active stations, most active broadcast-senders, IP-services,IP-networks, communication-matrix...
  • Integration of NetFlow data
  • Daily activity reports of the single stations.
  • Automatic production of WebPages including generation and integration of graphics.
  • Saving of long-term statistics over years (analysis of trends)
  • Alarms (can start any program)
  • Log reports


Options to fit NetControl to your network size:

NetControl version:"Lite""Standard""Large""XLarge""Campus"
Writes Html-pagesyesyesyesyesyes
Max. number of
monitorable addresses:
Max. number of Statistic-probes:2 (internally)1050100350
Hardware requirements:PentiumPentiumPentium IIPentium IIIPentium IV

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