RzK Network Supervision
Monitoring, Management,Loss Detection, Quality Assurance and Traffic Accounting
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RzKFlow is an easy to use software to collect and present *NetFlow records sent from switches or routers.

RzKFlow aggregates the received records for a given interval of time and until midnight. The resulting communication matrices can be stored in well linked web pages and/or CSV files. RzKFlow has an interface for SQL export (MSQL server, oracle,...)

You can see how many frames and how many bytes are exchanged between the stations (IP addresses), the IP networks, the ports on the network and the autonomous systems.

You can use RzKFlow as a standalone program and process the daily saved CSV or html files directly. But RzKFlow was also designed to work as a probe for one of our flagship programs: NetControl. A PC running NetControl can read the produced matrix from RzKFlow as one using the info from up to 350 probes of various types. From their data, NetControl generates hitlists of the whole network, of the most active stations, the most active broadcast senders and the most used services and connections. Additional graphs and lists of information about each station on the network are produced. All information is published as web pages. The accounting option of NetControl sums up this information to bill your clients.


*NetFlow is a Trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc.